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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello loves
How are you all doing, Hi to you my new followers, thanx for following me it really mean's a lot. Just sharing with you guys my new pair that I got from Tj MaXx it's a BCBGeneration, I actually went there couple days ago with my maman to get a swimming suit and once I set eyes on these babies I knew I needed to own them and my maman was like NO you got plenty of shoes and new once's that you haven't even wear yet, which is true, so I went home heart broken, but guess what? today we went back and I got the shoes, and what's funny is that she got them for me. Merci maman je t'aime. And oh the food... I had a really bad but good weekend 'cause I don't really regret what I ate, it's life... but I'm back on track now, so that's what I had for breakfast/lunch and had the same food for dinner after a 2hrs workout. 

  1. So yummi ! Love your firt pics with the shoes :) !
    Kisses from France, Jane.

  2. Your shoes are darling and your mama is so sweet. :-) Your dresser looks so nice and tidy. The food looks delicious except the bananas...I don't like bananas. They are sliced nicely though. LOL

    1. hahaha thanx I love bananas lol... thanx for stopping by


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